Americans are more upset by the killing of a wild beast in Africa than they are by chopping up babies and selling their parts.

Americans are more interested in the divorce of Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy than they are in the various wars their government is engaged in. (Killing innocent people and planting a harvest of hate of which we are yet to see the payback.)

George W. Bush launched a criminal war of aggression. He caused  a world class disaster of which we have not seen the end—a disaster for our country and for a large region of the earth. Nobody has even thought of making him responsible. Not even any of his lesser accomplices have been blamed or punished. (The quaint American Founding  Fathers thought public officials should be made responsible for their actions.)

“The South don’t need to rise again. We can just stand while the rest of America destroys itself.”—bumper sticker

Almost two dozen contenders for President (the most powerful office in the world), and only one them (not a Republican) has ever done anything really worthy for humanity or constructive for our country.

Almost two dozen contenders for President and, with very few exceptions, none of them worthy to shine Dwight Eisenhower’s shoes.

The Republican “conservative party” are attacking President Obama for the single good thing he has ever done—avoiding war with Iran. Heaven forbid, but can they really be sincere? (Probably they think that since bombing the towel heads played well for George Bush it will work for them too. Politicians are very slow to recognize need for a change in marketing strategy. They are still sure it is good to make  adherents of the “religion of peace.” Into “American” citizens.)

Are the candidates going to bring up any real issues—like catastrophic debt, imperial overreach, the proletarianization of the middle and working classes; demographic revolution through immigration; post-Christian moral collapse? Don’t hold your breath.

The Confederate flags are gone. I wonder if the folks in Detroit are feeling freer, safer, and more prosperous?