Here in New York City, you do not have even go online or turn on the TV to find out which team won one of the day’s three first round matches in the World Cup. You just go out of your apartment and walk a few blocks to the nearest bars and restaurants. The color of the jerseys that crowds of young and not-so-young people wear will tell you.

In my home borough of Queens, most of the fans seem to be Colombian. Every time the land of coffee, plastic surgeries, and cocaine triumphs over its opponents, dozens of its natives flood the local shopping district, turning the street into a small river of yellow jerseys. In Manhattan, you could see a few scattered English fans, smoking dejectedly near Irish bars, muttering curses about the latest sorry performance of their team. 

One team’s colors you will not see here in the Big Burrito is Good Ole’ USA. The only indication that the American team won was the sound of some half-drunk cheers in a local bar. Not a single red, white, and blue jersey was in sight, and certainly, no one drove around Queens Boulevard chanting “U-S-A!”. Not that I am a particular fan of boorish displays of sports-related national pride, but the dire effects of open borders and mandatory multiculturalism are especially visible during the World Cup.

In today’s America, especially among the immigrant youth, dual loyalty is no longer an issue. Young immigrants and even the children of fairly recent immigrants are no longer loyal to America in any meaningful way. I noticed this with my fellow Soviet Jews right after Obama’s first win. Both young and old, middle-class and poor, English-speaking college students and the babushkas of Brighton Beach, said the same thing, more or less bluntly: “How can this Kenyan Muslim represent me and be the president of my country?!” If you ask most of them, especially, the older ones, they will say that Bibi Netanyahu is their leader. And can you really blame them for picking an MIT-educated former commando over a weed-smoking, coke-snorting, White-hating leftist? Needless to say, Russian emigres of the 1980s would never pick Shamir or Peres over Reagan.

But this lack of loyalty to America cannot only be blamed only on the affirmative action, anti-white nature of the current administration. No, it is the result of both the uncontrollable and seemingly unending waves of immigration coupled with a policy of enforced political correctness and multiculturalism when Western civilization is denigrated and every so-called achievement of a non-Western society is put on a golden pedestal. There is also the sad fact that to many young people from my community, American “culture” is not literature, great movies, or even sports, but a miserable medley of gangsta rap, tra-la-la pop, and idiotic teen novels. Are the trashy and nauseating Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian worthy of being proud of? 

There is a final and perhaps, main reason why many young men from my neighborhood turn to Putin and Netanyahu as political role models. For all their limitations, at least those two have their own people’s interests at heart. Cannot say the same of the last several American presidencies.