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Mixed Signals

Rudolph Giuliani in one of his first actions as mayor of New York City, eliminated a controversial set-aside program that had been instituted in 1991 by the Dinkins administration. Considering the extent to which the use of quotas now permeates


Bias Crimes

Bias crimes will no longer be tolerated in New York City, say the proponents of the city’s new “bias crimes” statute. Its sponsors call it one of the toughest such laws in the nation, and it will for the first


Cultural Double Standard

Howard Stern, New York City’s outrageous “shock jock” of station WXRK, was fined last year by the Federal Communications Commission. It was another example of the cultural double standard that is now so pervasive it would seem to have been


Taxi Drivers and Minority Crime

Driving a taxi in New York City is inextricably linked with the subject of race. While it is true that no subject is more vexatious for society as a whole, the taxi driver is forced to confront the issue in