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A Real Heartbreaker

Washington Post readers are accustomed to pansexual propaganda, from exposes of Middle America’s “homophobia” to adoring reviews of feminist plays (as if the five million people in the Washington area were clamoring to squeeze into fetid little theaters to see their values trashed). But even battle-scarred Post readers must have winced one day late last...


The Progressive Impulse

The debate over gays in the military has highlighted the progressive impulse to look anywhere but to America for cultural truth. On talk shows and in editorials, Americans are urged to emulate “other industrialized nations” (read “increasingly decadent Western Europe”) that permit openly homosexual soldiers and sailors. Often praised is Holland, whose ponytailed, hairnet-coiffed legions...


A Queer Car Ride

We were on the same plane out of Dulles, and he was two rows ahead. His head was shaven, except for a tuft at the very top. With large ears and long, bare cranium he looked like the Sesame Street character Bert, as in Bert and Ernie. Bert always looks worried, bored, and anxious, and...