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Devil Trouble

Prince of Darkness
directed by John Carpenter
screenplay by Martin Quatermass
Universal Pictures.

When they hear about Prince of Darkness, unsuspecting moviegoers may envision a thrilling story of the occult. Some person will probably release Satan from his underworld


Outside the Law

“This is a wonderful country, my boy, but our legal system
doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to.”

—Harold Smith, in Remo Williams,
The Adventure Begins

America’s “major” film critics have been very busy—and very worried— lately. They have a


Return of the Fairy Tale

The mass media have been particularly arid territory for children lately, treating our young as little more than vessels for advertising pitches. In fact, even theatrical films have become advertisement vehicles, as many of the recent releases aimed at children


Star Dreck

directed by George P. Cosmatos
screenplay by Sylvester Stallone; Warner Bros.

Sweet Liberty
written and directed by Alan Alda.

How did America’s movies ever get so bad?

That seems to be the $99,000 question for American film critics lately,


Critic’s Choice

Like any civilized society, America reveres its artists. Unfortunately, in this as in most other things, we tend to go overboard. Consequently, we are all too often subjected to the spectacle of a ludicrous buffoon like Gore Vidal on national


The Virgin and the Paparazzo

The battle lines are drawn. On one side, Pope John Paul II and the French National Federation of Catholic Family Relations, along with numerous religious groups in this country. On the other, the American media, including New York magazine,


Material Wealth and Spiritual Poverty

Down and Out in Beverly Hills has a lot going for it. The film was directed and co-written by Paul Mazursky (Moscow on the Hudson). It has Richard Dreyfuss, Nick Nolte, and Bette Midler in the lead roles,