Ethnic groups were reportedly highly successful in registering new voters in the months before the 1992 national election. In California, the Secretary of State’s office was deluged with requests for registration forms and, in at least two cases, countless thousands of those forms were sent to businesses like Domino’s Pizza and the 99 Cent Store, which in turn used the greatest privilege of American citizens (the right to vote) as a promotional gimmick for their products. In the case of the 99 Cent Store, full-page ads in the Los Angeles Times extolled readers to get 99 cents-worth of free merchandise in exchange for their signatures on voter registration forms at any of its 42 Southern California stores, even after similar tactics on the part of Domino’s Pizza had been declared illegal. Although I’m proud to report that I helped to stop this abuse of the voting process, there is no accurate way of knowing how many noncitizens and illegal aliens were registered and ultimately used absentee ballots to vote. What we do know is that powerful ethnic organizations like MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund) and LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) were responsible for amassing hundreds of thousands of signatures throughout the country in largely Hispanic areas like Los Angeles and its surrounding cities.

If the circulation of counterfeit currency in appreciable amounts will ultimately destroy the economy of a country, then certainly the existence of counterfeit votes will ultimately destroy the right of American citizens to legal representation in their country’s government at all levels. Therefore, voter fraud is something that American citizens can no longer afford to ignore. Unlike the severe penalties for counterfeiting, however, to my knowledge there has never been a prosecution of a case of perjury in connection with voter fraud.

This is frightening in view of the fact that absentee ballots and laxity on the part of voting officials in verifying eligibility have made possible the registration of household pets. Yes, registering a cat to vote is as easy as registering the President of the United States. In Orange County, California, a man registered his pet cat to protest voter fraud and to warn his fellow citizens of the unscrupulous tactics that are being used by certain segments of our population to gain political power. This incident was reported on ABC by Peter Jennings just once before the election, more as an amusing anecdote than as the real and terrifying warning it should have been to American citizens—a warning that unless we have a complete overhaul of voter registration, which makes it more difficult (not easier) for noncitizens and illegal aliens to vote and which in particular restricts “absentee voting” to those who can prove a hardship in reaching polling places, we are doomed to the same corruption found in the Banana Republics and to the devastating loss of the right to elect the candidate of our choice.

Efforts on the part of the aforementioned ethnic organizations to strip American citizens of the exclusive right to vote have already been successful in cities like Takoma Park, Maryland, where a referendum coerced through threats of rioting was passed that allows noncitizens and illegal aliens not only to vote but to hold office! In other parts of the country, like Long Beach, California, Cambodian refugees who have become American citizens and sworn loyalty to our country’s flag and government are permitted to retain the right to vote in Cambodia’s elections. Many even go so far as to fly to Cambodia to cast their ballots. No doubt that inconvenience will be spared these Cambodian-“Americans” when they set up “registration locations” in American cities. For now they can vote by proxy.

Even more of a mockery of America’s naturalization and voting laws is another Cambodian refugee whose reasons for applying for American citizenship are doubtful at best: General (yes, General) Sak Sutsakhan, whose legal residence for voting purposes in America is Anaheim, California, but who currently heads up the fledgling Liberal Democratic Party in Cambodia and who reportedly tours the United States in an effort to bolster support in America’s Cambodian communities for his cause. Whatever his cause might be, we can be certain that America’s future or the welfare of American citizens arc not included.

If this article seems to be a case of closing the barn door after the horse has escaped, it is exactly the opposite, inasmuch as it means preventing “the rest of the horses” from getting out by alerting the public to the need for more secure locks on our voting laws. If the American public heeds this warning, then all future elections will be determined by the votes of American citizens, and dual citizenship will be abolished. If a woman can’t be “a little bit pregnant,” then surely one can’t be “a little bit American.”