The radicals under the flags of Antifa and Black Lives Matter who are trashing our cities and destroying our monuments say they are fighting against “white supremacy.” BLM, on its website, lists as chief among its goals to “end white supremacy forever.” The prominent Rose City Antifa chapter lists on its site white supremacy as a key characteristic of fascism, a label its masked thugs apply to anyone or anything they want to destroy.

To a normal person, the term white supremacy conjures up images of Sieg Heiling neo-Nazis decked out in SS tattoos, worshipping Odin in the woods behind a trailer park. There exist a few of these members of the Alt-Right on the fringes, but they are marginal figures. Unlike most Americans, members of the Alt-Right are atheists or neopagans and, despising the ideals of the American founding, prefer the creation of a new, race-based nation. They are clowns with no real political influence, other than being dragged into the spotlight whenever the media feels the need to gin up the threat of white nationalism.

These marginal people, however, aren’t what white supremacy means to the radicals of Antifa or BLM. Nor does white supremacy mean to the radicals the corporate power structure based in New York, the political power structure based in Washington, D.C., or the media power structure based in Los Angeles, all of which bow the knee to the radicals’ cultural Marxist ideology and send financial donations to benefit their causes.

No, to them, white supremacy means Middle Americans—Christian patriots, the residents of flyover country who love God and America. It is these hopelessly retrograde persons, who still cling to the ideals upon which America was founded, that Antifa and BLM are determined to wage war upon until they are completely subjugated.

The morale-sapping phase of that war is well underway and continues apace. A relentless campaign to portray whites as inherently evil and guilty of the oppression of every other racial group in the country has captured half the nation. After the death of the radicals’ saintly, pure victim, George Floyd, whites across the country prostrated themselves, flagellated themselves, and kissed the boots of virtuous people of color. Members of the conservative establishment have joined in the pandering to the mob, mouthing talking points about supposed systemic racism, as have the woke communications departments of America’s major corporations.

Many liberals have had their defenses against the narrative of white guilt lowered by years of public school and higher education. They’ve become a people convinced that what their enemies say about them is true, which makes them easy to destroy. In fact, they will sign up to destroy themselves, become “allies,” and join the march to the nearest monument of their ancestors, placard and club in hand. What they don’t realize is that they will be cast aside when their usefulness is at an end, just as Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi will be shunted aside from Democratic Party leadership soon after the coming election. Metaphorically speaking, the old communist saying will prove true again: “Liberals get the bullet too.”

If being white—a descendent of Europeans—is in itself evil, then it logically follows that the civilization that whites created is evil and must be extirpated, root and branch. That civilization is Western civilization, which created modern technology, transportation, and medicine, as well as the greatest art, philosophy, literature, and culture that has ever existed. Practically everything that is good in the world today owes a debt to Western civilization in some way. It is a civilization that deserves to be respected, preserved, and continued.

If some people in this country don’t agree with that statement, then it’s time we be allowed to part ways, in peace. 

That process is already underway. A net exodus of citizens is emigrating from the badly run, crumbling, and exploitative polities of blue states. This trend is likely to accelerate as real estate markets collapse in Democrat-run metropolises that rioters were allowed to vandalize.

There is nothing more American than declaring your own independence and departing a hostile environment. This country was based on distinct states and regions with different peoples who were happy to live their own way without antagonizing people in the next state over. The Articles of Confederation described a “firm league of friendship” between states that would retain their sovereignty and freedom. Under the Articles and the Constitution, America’s original system allowed different peoples with different ideas to exist at a respectful distance, none dominating the other, nor forced by some federal diktat to fill some arbitrary racial or cultural quota.

This changed with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which contained some arguably necessary measures to address inequalities under the law, but went too far by effectively calling free association discrimination. Discrimination can be found everywhere if you want to look for it, as people with things in common are naturally drawn together. A forced diversity mandated from above has made conflict inevitable, as people with irreconcilable differences are shoved together in everyday life.

Increasingly, the State will not protect Middle Americans, nor will the courts recognize their right to defend themselves against the Marxist mobs that seek out conflict with them. The only way for Middle Americans to avoid violence without complete subjugation is to put some distance between themselves and the people who hate them. They should organize into local and state polities which may offer some common defense under the growing Anarcho-Tyranny in the United States.

Middle Americans—and I count myself among them—love this country and are eager for a time when the current madness has passed and America can be restored. As Sun Tzu wrote, “Anger may in time change to gladness… But a kingdom that has once been destroyed can never come again into being.” Let’s hope we haven’t seen the last Fourth of July. Before the next one is due, we need to find like-minded people, support their causes, and gather together to support one another in the defense of America and Western civilization.