Does television corrupt American morals or do American morals corrupt television?

If there had never been any racist, sexist, homophobes, would the United States exist to give affirmative action to minorities?

Does anyone in a position of authority or influence care that the American middle class, and therefore the country, is being demoralised and destroyed?

What exactly does it mean to say that a corporation is “too big to fail”? What if it keeps on failing?

What ever happened to that “lock box” where all the Social Security funds were kept?

Have you noticed how many brilliant and noble black presidents, soldiers, admirals, brain surgeons, scientific geniuses, and computer whizzes are around these days—at least on television and movies? Also in ancient Rome and Persia and Medieval and Renaissance Europe?

Why do Republicans who are declared by the press to be front-runners for the presidency always come from Massachusetts, New York, or some other Deep North State (where Republicans are a minority)?

Of the 435 or so Congressional districts, how many still have a majority American population?

In a best-case scenario, is it possible to elect enough Congressmen to act in the interest of real Americans?

If a person of Middle Eastern origins were truly a loyal American citizen, wouldn’t he cheerfully accept “ethnic profiling” at airports because it might save the lives of his fellow American citizens?

A Congressman was recently outraged when he observed the “Transport Safety” people frisk an old lady and a little girl while allowing a Mideasterner with turban and flowing robes that might hide who-knows-what sail through. Why was the Congressman outraged? Is he not aware that this has been going on for years?

A bitter ex-Confederate once wrote that the Yankee race lived by delusions. Do the preceding questions suggest he may have had a point?

Might this critic of American society also point to the strange fact that a multi-billion-dollar educational system produces ever declining literacy and intelligence?

Suppose you are a person from India who is highly educated with valuable skills (physician, engineer, etc.) desperately needed in your underdeveloped and impoverished country. You immigrate to the United States for more money and an easier life. Will you be a better citizen of your new country than you were of your native land?  Should you demand that your new country honour the foreign “culture” you bring with you? Should you demand special privileges because you are an immigrant and “a person of colour”?

What is wrong with this picture?