Yes, yes, curse the defensive genius and pedophile* Jerry Sandusky (author of Touched) and Coach Joe Pa (who continued to employ him).  But what about the grad assistant who happened to lock eyes with ol’ Sandusky when the latter was sodomizing a ten-year-old boy in the Happy Valley showers of Penn State? According to the grand jury report, the GA (elsewhere identified as Mike McQueary**) nobly ran away tittering and called his daddy, before telling Coach Paterno the next day at his home.

I don’t care how sacred the football program is or what you expect in terms of a future job: If you see a boy being molested, you immediately stop the proceedings, using violence if/because necessary.  That there isn’t more of a public outcry against McQueary speaks volumes about the death of masculinity in America.


**current assistant football coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions