The Way We Are

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It’s amazing how many crises you can live through unscathed if you just don’t follow the news.

We all develop silly pointless habits from time to time.  Some chew gum.  Some collect string.  Some vote and write their Congressman.

I don’t think voting is actually sinful.  It is more a state of cluelessness, like chewing gum or being from Iowa.

Throughout the 19th century and early 20th century, descendants of the sturdy settlers and pioneers who built the United States worried that European countries were dumping their criminals, wastrels, and mentally and physically ill on these shores.  Now the same thing is a cause for celebration, as long as they are not European.  (The concern was real because in earlier times, as now, the foreign-born were over-represented in prisons, poor relief, and charity hospitals.)

I notice a trend among the Republican  hacks to blame the election of Obama on the people.  It couldn’t have anything to do with Republican ignorance, deceit, arrogance, and failure could it?  Or with demographic changes that the Republicans have abetted at every turn?

“Honest Abe.”  “Weapons of Mass Destruction.”  “FOX News:  Fair and Balanced.”  Do we begin to see a pattern here?

Looks like the pressure for the U.S. to attack Iran is growing.  How many Congresspersons do you think will have the guts to say no?  Five?  Ten?

The New York Times recently wrote that “the nativists have already lost,” nativists being those who want restrictions on immigration.  Isn’t this just another way of saying that Americans have been overrun and defeated in their own land by foreigners?

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