What Is History? Part 14

The collective knowledge gained over time includes an awareness of mankind’s tendency to miscalculate.  —Wiley Sword

History tells us where we have been.  Our minds define where we are going.  —Wiley Sword

In every economic boom and bust there are winners and losers.  —Gary North

What goes up must come down.  —Proverbial

I’d like someone to tell me one day, why the bastards who want to put up my taxes are always so rich.   —Bernard Cornwell

. . . when mankind arrives in paradise he will drown the glory of the angels with neon signs and honkytonk bars.  —Bernard Cornwell

The demise of the Roman Empire has been mourned to excess.  Its essence was violence and its accomplishments were fundamentally second-rate.  —John Davies

If it is accepted that a nation has an organic nature similar to that of a human being—a concept full of difficulties . . .  —John Davies

We learn nothing because we remember nothing.  —Gore Vidal

Montaigne felt that lying should be a capital offense because once the tongue grows used to telling lies there is no end to it:  Worse, there can be no sensible discourse between people as their society collapses due to incomprenhension.  —Gore Vidal

. . . wasn’t the 1860 Civil War really about the abolition of slavery?  No, it was not, but our historians tend to be cut from the same material as the media.  —Vidal

Battle is decided not by the orders of a commander in chief but by the spirit of the army.  —Tolstoy

Teach the free man how to praise.  —W.H. Auden

I do not see the national flag flying from the staff of the sycamore,
Or any decree of the government written on the leaves of the walnut . . . .
—Wendell Berry

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