What Is Wrong With This Picture?

The foreign adulation of Obama proves only one thing—they like him because they see him as not very American.

I’m sorry, President-elect Obama, but I don’t feel very healed by this election.

Opposed to a black President?  I am not reconciled yet to John Quincy Adams.

I hear that local gun sales are up 49 per cent.  I can think of many reasons why this might be so.

It is said that a conservative estimate of more or less direct corporate welfare donated by the U.S. government is about $90 billion per year—before the recent bailouts.

What if the federal government had to send you an itemized statement of how your income tax was spent?

What if the federal government was required to adhere to a simple honest practice of “pay as you go”?

What if the federal government had to abide by Jefferson’s dictum that no debt could be incurred lasting more than 19 years (a generation), i.e., that the present generation cannot consume the earnings of future generations?

What is wrong with this picture:
George   John   Thomas   James   James   John Quincy   Andrew   Martin   William Henry
John   James Knox    Zachary   Millard   Franklin   James   Abraham   Andrew   Ulysses Simpson   Rutherford Burchard
James Abram   Chester Alan   Stephen Grover   Benjamin   William   Theodore   William Howard   Thomas Woodrow
Warren Gamaliel   John Calvin   Herbert Clark   Franklin Delano    Harry S.    Dwight David   John Fitzgerald
Lyndon Baines    Richard  Milhous   Gerald Rudoph    James Earl   Ronald Wilson   George Herbert Walker
William Jefferson    George Walker   Barack Hussein

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