Stephen B. Presser’s “The Rights of Aliens” (Views) was right on the mark.  Yes, the powers that be want to equalize the rights of citizens and aliens—and eliminate American citizenship as a meaningful concept.  This effort flows from two sources: the notion of universal human rights and America as a “proposition nation.”

If all humans have an unqualified, unconditional right to certain freedoms, then it is outrageous that any humans should have more rights on the basis of mere citizenship.  With meaningless citizenship established, the next step is meaningless nationhood.  But don’t worry, Americans, our elites have reassured us that our country is nothing so crass as a particular land, culture, people, or history.  Gracious, no!  We’re folks, just like folks everywhere, dedicated to the proposition of libertine freedom and moneymaking.  Everybody is really an American.  Not everybody knows it yet.

        —John Vinson
Monterey, VA