A Spark to Start a Wildfire

Sound of Freedom

Directed by Alejandro Monteverde ◆ Written by Rod Barr and Alejandro Monteverde ◆ Produced by Santa Fe Films ◆ Distributed by Angel Studios

This is a beautifully crafted and passionately humane film about the darkest underbelly of contemporary life: the trafficking and sexual abuse of helpless children. The motto at the film’s heart is, “God’s children aren’t for sale.” Released this year but made in 2017, it was kept out of theaters for years after by distribution companies including Disney for reasons we still don’t know. And now the film is a runaway hit, outperforming massive stu­dio releases such as Indiana Jones.

So of course our elites are trying to dis­credit the film, hurling dubious charges at the wall like spider monkeys throwing poop. First, the claim was the movie trad­ed in crackpot allegations cooked up on­line by QAnon conspiracy theorists. It isn’t. It’s based on facts, statistics, and the real-world experiences by anti-trafficking he­roes. Next, we heard that one of the film’s “producers” or “major investors” was him­self arrested for child sex trafficking. Also false. One guy out of 6,600 members of the public who invested via crowd-sourc­ing was arrested—because as a landlord he got sucked into a tenant’s child custo­dy battle. And so on.

But none of this QAnon business real­ly matters. We know the cold, hard facts: that there is a high-level conspiracy among our elites to sexualize children; to remove the last, lingering taboo against molesting them; and to strip their parents of the pow­er to protect their innocence and to even to raise them with religious values. The legislature of our country’s largest state, California, is considering a bill that would allow courts to strip custody from parents for not “affirming their gender identity,” or in other words, for pushing back against school counselors who urge their children to mutilate their genitals and chemically castrate or sterilize themselves.

We know that the Sexual Revolution was led by dishonest, pseudoscientific per­verts like Alfred Kinsey—a man who cheer­fully collected data on “infantile orgasm” from a molester who preyed on babies. For proof of this and much, much more, see Jennifer Morse’s book The Sexual State. We can read with our own jaded eyes the man­ifestos by the revolutionaries of 1968, who called for an end to taboos against prey­ing on children. The Guardian reported back in 2001 that evidence had emerged that “Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir and the current French health and educa­tion ministers Bernard Kouchner and Jack Lang were among the signatories of peti­tions in the 1970s calling for paedophilia to be decriminalised.”

These are the thinkers whose muddled, incoherent works now dominate the cur­ricula in virtually all humanities depart­ments throughout the West. Our elites have had their minds formed by the heirs of the Marquis de Sade, who was a major influ­ence on Sartre and Beauvoir, as they cheer­fully admitted. Sade celebrated the rape of children as part of his demonic rebellion against the Creator, whom he hated.

We also know that the Biden adminis­tration has de facto turned over our borders to human traffickers, who supply the child pornography and sex trafficking industry with victims. As one of the co-stars of the Sound of Freedom, Mexican pro-family ac­tivist and Catholic Eduardo Verástegui, wrote in 2019 at The Stream:

Americans remain among the larg­est producers and consumers of child pornography in the world. And among the largest consum­ers of child sex through human trafficking. These criminal enter­prises generate more than $10 bil­lion dollars a year. So they pose a serious danger to our Mexican and Central American children.

The “Wall” is undoubtedly an essen­tial instrument to end child traffick­ing between Mexico and the U.S. It protects the dignity and future of uncounted thousands of chil­dren. It might be the only barrier that would stop them being illegally brought to the U.S. by people claim­ing to be their “parents.” Then sold as sex slaves to pedophiles.

Instead of considering arguments like those, our media demonized the Trump administration for keeping children in “cages”—that is, separating minors from adults who claimed to be their relatives, until those adults offered proof. In fact, the Biden administration has removed the last protection for such immigrant children, eliminating the simple, accurate DNA tests that Trump had mandated.

So the Democrats and their media en­ablers are making life easy for the child sex slave trade and using the power of the state to turn American children over to the Frankenstein-style experiments of the multibillion dollar transgender industry.

Sound of Freedom dares to remind us that we face profound, organized evil which is hard to explain unless we’re willing to speak of “principalities and powers.”

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