Homosexual activists will not like this book. For if ever there were an empirical refutation to the “gay rights” agenda. Gene Antonio has written it. In convincing (sometimes nauseating) detail, Antonio explains why the homosexual movement has provided the ideal conduit for one of the most lethal diseases ever to affect mankind. Yet homosexuals and their apologists have so far managed to suppress public debate of the most disturbing discoveries about Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

Not many people know that the homosexual ghetto was already a contagion-ridden swamp before the AIDS epidemic. Fewer still have heard that the AIDS virus belongs to the class of killer pathogens known as lentiviruses, previously found only in monkeys, sheep, and pigs and so far entirely resistant to veterinary cure, Most people remain unaware of research showing that the AIDS virus can kill even if the body’s immune system remains intact. Likewise hidden from public view are studies suggesting that the disease might be spread through mosquito bites, milk contamination, and casual contact.

Several of Antonio’s recommendations for fighting the disease —broadening the official definition of AIDS, closing bathhouses, banning homosexual blood donations, and legally restricting other homosexual activities—make sense, except that he wants the Federal government to take these steps. The Feds do not need another excuse to tighten their bureaucratic stranglehold on America. Given some freedom to act, most local communities could move quite effectively against AIDS. Those few cities not strong enough to overrule the homosexual lobby could be turned into enormous public cemeteries, memorials to perversion as an alternative death-style.


[The AIDS Cover-Up? The Real and Alarming Facts About AIDS, by Gene Antonio (San Francisco: Ignatius) $9.95]