USSR Facts & Figures Annual is an excellent source of current statistical and factual information on the Soviet Union. Since 1977, Academic International Press has published an annual volume for anyone who needs to keep up to date on developments in the Soviet Union. The updated as well as new information covers such topics as Soviet Communist Party leadership changes, demographics, economics, energy, military capability, health, transportation, science, and Lenin Prize winners.

Sources include official Soviet statistics, the Soviet and Western press, Samizdat writings, U.S. Government sources, and key journals and books published in the West. The information has been selected with good judgment and edited succinctly. The book is not all numbers and graphs but also has thousands of interpretive paragraphs bursting with facts. (MYW) 


[USSR Facts & Figures Annual: Volumes 9 and 10, edited by John L. Scherer; Gulf Breeze, FL: Academic International Press; $69.50 per volume]