I enjoyed George McCartney’s review of Bridge of Spies in the December issue of Chronicles (“A Snow Job on Rodeo Drive,” In the Dark).  However, Steven Spielberg was not “scrupulous” with the “physical details of time and place.”  Gary Powers was shot down in a U-2A, yet in the movie we see a contemporary U-2S.  The U-2A was considerably smaller than later U-2R/TR-1/U-2S variants.  Most notably, the U-2A nose was much shorter than the later variants.  Additionally, in one scene we see the CIA briefing Powers and other U-2 pilots at an unnamed air base.  In the background a T-38 Talon trainer is taxiing, but the T-38 is painted incorrectly for the time period.  

These errors certainly are not as disturbing as Mr. Spielberg’s leftist narrative, and I hope he will go back to making movies about giant fish and friendly space creatures.

        —Harry J. Wisniewski, Jr.
St. Clair Shores, MI