Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden has vowed to end President Trump’s “Muslim travel ban” on his first day in office and to fight “Islamicphobia”.

The supposed “Muslim travel ban,” which was signed by Trump in January 2017, blocked most immigrants and travelers from Iran, Libya, Somalia, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen. Of the five majority-Muslim countries on the list, all but one (Iran) have been plagued for years by civil wars, jihadi terrorism, and collapsing institutions. It is noteworthy that the ban did not include some of the most populous majority-Muslim countries: Indonesia, Bangladesh, Egypt, and Turkey.

In Syria the government effectively has won the war, but Libya, Somalia, and Yemen remain three prime specimens of the “failed state” phenomenon: utterly chaotic, with competing power centers. In Libya, the standoff between Tripoli and Tobruk has split the country, perhaps permanently. In Yemen the Houthi rebels control the capital, Sanaa, and the main port, Aden. In Somalia, militant Islamist groups are dominant in most parts of the country, and the government barely controls the capital, Mogadishu.

It was prudent for Trump to impose the ban and it should stay in effect now. It should even be expanded, to include Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, the world’s prime breeding grounds of Islamism and jihadi-terrorism. It is self-evident that ending the ban would make America less secure. That is of no import to Biden’s campaign strategists, however. What does matter to them is that the Muslim vote can make critical difference in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

This is an ominous development: Biden has promised to rescind the executive orderwhich states (in Section 1. Purpose) that

[i]n order to protect Americans, the United States must ensure that those admitted to this country do not bear hostile attitudes toward it and its founding principles. The United States cannot, and should not, admit those who do not support the Constitution, or those who would place violent ideologies over American law. In addition, the United States should not admit those who engage in acts of bigotry or hatred (including “honor” killings, other forms of violence against women, or the persecution of those who practice religions different from their own)…

This is the kind of language that prompted Linda Sarsour to advocate “Jihad” against the “fascists, white supremacist and Islamophobes reigning in the White House.”Lest there be any confusion about the precise form of “jihad” Sarsour advocates, she has praised Rasmea Odeh, who was convicted in Israel for her part in the terrorist murder of two Hebrew University students in 1969. Sarsour, the “feminist,” has also suggested that Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a prominent critic of Islamism and victim of female genital mutilation, should have her vagina taken away.

“Our community is committed to ending the occupation of the Palestinian people, our community is committed to Muslims who are oppressed all over the world,” Sarsour said. “We want to see Joe Biden in the White House but we also want Joe Biden to know that we will hold him accountable to our communities.”

The people holding Biden accountable to his promise to fight “Islamicphobia” are certain to include Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. Omar startedher congressional tenure in January 2019 with the tweet “May Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.” A month later, she referred to the 9/11 terrorist attacks by saying “some people did something.” She has pointedly avoided any direct condemnation of al Qaeda and the Islamic State. Tlaib defended her colleague and coreligionist’s comments by saying, “She does speak truth.”

Omar, Tlaib, and Sarsour will prevail on Biden to legally banning any meaningful discussion of the Muslim faith, its sacred texts, the personality of its prophet, and the resulting 14 centuries of historical practice. It would no longer be possible to respond to Sarsour’s assertion that “Muslims are oppressed all over the world” by pointing out that some of the most oppressive regimes in today’s world are to be found in majority-Muslim countries. Or by taking note of the divinely mandated, systemic oppression of non-Muslims in the Islamic world.

It would no longer be possible to point out that Islam is the only major religious doctrine in human history with a developed doctrine, theology, and legal system of mandatory violence against non-believers. Or that Islam is devoid of any reasoned principle of justice or moderation. Or that Islam creates among its adherents the paradigm of a permanent cosmic war that breeds the terroristWeltanschauung, because antagonism towards the demonized “infidel” is rooted in the conviction that Islam is not only the true faith, but the only faith with any truth.

In Biden’s America, it would be illegal to argue, as I have done over the years, that antagonism towards non-Muslim religions, societies, and cultures, is not the trait shared by all Muslims, but it is an attitude mandated to all true Muslims, and prevalent among many. That through jihad Islam has emerged as a quasi-religious ideology of cultural and political imperialism that solidifies the conflict with those other than itself and knows no natural limits to itself. That it erases individual judgment based on natural morality or on the allegiance to any other source of authority but itself, and mandates submission to the letter of revealed law or to the precedent of Muhammad. That analogues thus derived stand above reason, conscience, or nature.

It would be a criminal act, in Biden’s America, to write that Islam’s denigration of the individual conscience removes inhibitions against terrorist acts—inhibitions that other religions, other legal codes, and other world views reinforce. As Bernard Lewis has noted, an all-pervasive lack of freedom is the hallmark of the Muslim world. Tragically, Biden appears willing, in order to secure votes from the Muslim constituency, to compromise on freedom of the mind from constraint and indoctrination; freedom of the economy from corrupt and pervasive mismanagement; and above all, freedom of citizens from tyranny.