There is an unmistakable pattern in contemporary politics: any politician who challenges globalism will be subject to unremitting attack, the legitimacy of his rule will never be acknowledged, and every effort will be made to prevent those who voted to challenge globalism from having their votes heeded, all the pious professions of belief in “democracy” notwithstanding. Indeed, it is clear that, in elite discourse, “democracy” means a political system producing results the elites want, nothing more or less.

Hence, the failure to implement Brexit in Britain, the formation of a new government in Italy to prevent an election Salvini would have won, the persistent efforts to sanction the governments of Poland and Hungary, both of which enjoy strong popular support, and the repeated attempts to remove Donald Trump from office. 

Any conservative commentator who doesn’t see this pattern, and who takes these attacks at face value, is either a supporter of globalism or irredeemably naive. 

Sam Francis saw all of this clearly 25 years ago. There may have been an excuse for those who couldn’t discern the real fault lines in politics then. There is no excuse for those who can’t discern them now.