As Independence Day 2014 approaches, I’m still wondering when one of the Republican presidential candidates is going to seize the immigration issue and march to victory in the White House. That’s assuming there will even be an independent United States in 2015. Or if the country exists, that it will be anything but a totalitarian police state extracting ever higher taxes from citizens to pay for lavish welfare for the new illegal immigrants coming here in waves of hundreds of thousands.

All of these are called “children,” but I live in California, so I know an unknown large percentage of them are not. It’s an old trick for a 20-year-old “child” to come here illegally and register as a 13-year-old “undocumented migrant” to get a place in the California public schools, including “free” meals. The schools look the other way because most funding comes from the state: more bodies, more ADA – average daily attendance. More ADA, more power for administrators and guaranteed employment for teachers.

The worst candidate is Jeb Bush, who actually believes Americans are lazy bums better replaced with “young, energetic and productive” immigrants.

Some candidates have protested a little. Ted Cruz attacked “Obama’s lawlessness.” But like other candidates besides Rand Paul, he favors restoring the Bush policy of pointless foreign interventions to further bankrupt the country and spread death like a plague.

Paul favors non-intervention, but gave up what once was a sensible position on restricting immigration in favor of some vague accommodation of the illegals.

When is a candidate insist that the fence built? A real fence, like the Israelis have. And when asked whether it’s a new Berlin Wall, that candidate needs to retort that there are fences around: the White House, Congress, ABC, NBC, CBS, the New York Times, the Washington Post, churches and religious headquarters, the buildings of open immigration groups and charities, etc. A fence to keep the unwelcome out is not the same as a wall to keep the unfree in.

And when is a candidate going to stand up to the Immigration Oligarchs? Who will ask if Mark Zukerman really need another $30 billion by manipulating the free labor market to sneak in indentured servants – close to slaves – and undercut our own high-tech workers – of whom there’s no shortage?

Democrats are, of course, hopeless on the issue. Third parties are irrelevant. Sadly, that means if no Republican candidate steps up on this issue by Independence Day 2015, America is destined to become, as Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas warned, a “third world nation.” The free USA will be transformed into, as someone said of the old USSR, Bangladesh with nuclear missiles.