It is no longer the issue of legality or constitutionality – we are long past that. It is about identity and survival. Obama is the enemy of America, however defined. He is the embodiment of an anti-America, culturally, spiritually and morally, that is hell-bent on destroying the surviving vestiges of a real country.

So we’ll have “five million” (more like twelve) fellow-“citizens” by 2016, or 2020, whatever. Low IQ welfare scroungers, criminally minded miserable excuses for the human race, most of them – unlike the hard-working, self-reliant European immigrants of a century ago.

Four years ago I wrote in these pages: “Barack Hussein Obama’s forthcoming mass amnesty of some tens of millions of unassimilable, semi-literate Third-Worlders will guarantee further watering down of the real America he hates with a passion. And yes, GOP “strategists” duly will start pandering to them.”

Nil desperandum, however. The tempo of history is accelerating. The overall equation has too many variables for the would-be controllers of our destiny to be certain that the job is done. They will be swept away swiftly once the usurial hocus-pocus collapses, which it will. My native country has survived half a millennium of Ottoman misrule, half a century of communism and two decades of Western sadism. My adopted country—which I love with a passion—will raise again from her current decrepitude, too. Because there are a hundred million real Americans who are determined not to go gentle into that good night. Because there is God.