A Trump Political Miracle?

Last weekend, Donald Trump likened his enemies to “vermin” who are undermining America from within. Media outlets like the Washington Post promptly compared Trump to fascist dictators like Hitler and Mussolini.

America has been smothered with this sort of hyperbole for years now, but it has never been more absurd or unpersuasive. This bit of eyerolling isn’t a Trump campaign talking point: the latest polls show the so-called “Orange Hitler” soundly defeating “Scranton Joe” if the election were held today. Clearly the benighted masses require instruction on “Our Democracy™” from our media sages.

It may be time for Democrats to find a different approach. For one, the country is so dilapidated under Biden that many are liable to find threats of a Trumpian autocracy an appealing alternative. More to the point, however, the charge that Trump is a threat to democracy is ridiculous on its face. Biden is almost entirely reliant on political lawfare (and a perverse popular attachment to abortion) to secure reelection. Subtlety not being a liberal virtue, Trump is facing 91 criminal charges from left-wing prosecutors in Georgia, Washington, D.C., New York, and Florida. In case that were not enough, a kangaroo court in New York wants to strip Trump of his business.

Is “vermin” too strong a term for those who resort to such unscrupulous measures to protect their power? Biden has spent most days of his administration likening his opponents to a fifth column, and even, paraphrasing Joseph Goebbels in one speech, declared that “our patience is wearing thin.” Meanwhile, over the past three years, a record number of illegal immigrants have poured into cities and towns all over the country, bringing chaos and disorder in their wake. They have all been welcomed by Biden and the Democrats, who anticipate being repaid with a permanent majority in future elections. It is hard to conceive of a more treacherous attack on democracy than this.

Trump’s enemies fear him because he promises to reestablish American sovereignty and bring accountability to those who have prospered under the regnant chaos. If elected to a second term, Trump pledges to round up by the millions those who have violated the country’s borders—people who, by living in America without permission or fear of consequence, are an affront to the very notion of law—and construct massive detention camps to hold them. Of course, Trump has been called a Nazi for wanting to do this—but where else should they go?

He would purge disloyal federal bureaucrats and politicized spies whom nobody elected, and claw back the power that belongs to the president under the Constitution. If that isn’t scary enough, Trump has toyed with sending law enforcement after his personal enemies. That is, Trump would do to Biden and his allies what Biden’s Justice Department is doing to Trump right now.

Biden has distanced himself from his Justice Department, allowing it to hide behind a bogus veil of “independence.” This mysterious and inviolable principle is said to ensure that there is no politics mixed into the multiple investigations of Biden’s main political opponent. With the mass media supporting this childish ruse, Biden seizes the opportunity to huff and puff about Trump’s “Nazi” rhetoric and the threat he poses to “Our Democracy™.” “In just the last few days, Trump has said if he returns to office, he’s going to go after all those who oppose him and wipe out what he called the ‘vermin’ —quote, the ‘vermin’ in America,” Biden warned.

If Trump’s momentum continues to build, the incipient hysteria will reach an ear-splitting crescendo. Trump has survived a continuous witch hunt for almost a decade, and he wants revenge. Trump calls this the “final battle,” as much for himself as for the country. Millions of dispossessed Americans see in Trump the best and perhaps last chance to take their country back. The actual results of a second Trump term are likely to be modest, given the formidable scale of the work needed to rebuild, the depth of the corruption, and the short window of time there is for rooting it out. But a Trump victory would be a world-historic, resounding affirmation of the people’s desire for self-government against incredible odds. In other words, it would be nothing short of a political miracle.

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