Israel, Hamas, and the Death of Liberalism

The brutal conflict in Israel has laid bare the illusions of the West on the all-important immigration question. For decades, it has been imagined that hordes of people immigrating to the West from the Third World might assimilate—to what exactly?—rather than simply agglutinate in their own enclaves. This turned out to be a grave error. As Henry Kissinger put it in a recent interview (yes, that Henry Kissinger), mass immigration has embedded alien “pressure groups” within every Western country. This has become abundantly clear as Hamas sympathizers swarm into the streets from Detroit to London. The whole Western hemisphere—not just the Levant—is on edge.

Kissinger and Elon Musk have arrived at the same conclusion: Demographics is destiny. Racial and national feeling can be contained and managed but never fully extirpated from large populations. Put another way, one might say the war in Israel represents politics in an extreme, natural condition, stripped of all liberal conceits. The Arabs and the Israelis overall don’t care about diversity or human rights; they want to dominate and destroy each other. Who is Joe Biden to say that Palestine does not support Hamas? The West refuses to accept this vicious blood feud for what it is. But someone must be on the right side of history, right? 

Westerners have always been the only true liberals, and now they are a dying breed. This realization has yet to dawn on them, however. They can only think to continue the death spiral: more Third-World immigrants, more vehement affirmations of “diversity,” and eventually, racial harmony arrives. But that’s not what’s happening in the real world. Westerners have forsaken their concept of “home.” They alone are committed to the globalist “nowhere.” The peoples who are replacing them remain fervently attached to their native lands, and they are quite happy to exploit Westerners’ peculiar form of tolerance.

Nowhere is this truer than in America, a predominantly left-wing, multiracial democracy passionately devoted to the abuse of its core population. An unrelenting stream of entitled, indigent populations from south of our border seeking a “better life” (one that just so happens to include a lot of free stuff) threaten, once they have made the government completely theirs, to swamp the existing population into a condition of abject exploitation.

An inchoate awareness of this impending condition, keeps Americans in states of either quiet alarm or moralizing denial. Racial radicalism hangs suspended like a sword of Damocles over American cities. Members of Black Lives Matter, who incidentally are also huge fans of Hamas, are unapologetic about their hatred of whites and their desire to take their stuff.

The brutality of Hamas is not an atavism from the benighted past, as liberals desperately want to imagine, but a dangerous reality. Ask Israel, or Egypt, or France, where Westerners (and especially whites) have been terrorized with random beheadings, stabbings, and rapes for decades. Nevertheless, too many Westerners cannot let go of their delusive universalism. For most conservatives, even, Israel’s war is a struggle for civilized life. But which civilization, in particular? Israel’s existential challenges vis à vis the Arabs are unique to Israel; the people of America and Europe have their own civilizations to defend, and not just from Islamic radicals.

The colonized have become the colonizers, and liberalism and its mild blessings have been swallowed up by the pre-civilizational, Hobbesian chaos of multiracial democracy. The West is becoming a tyranny,  devoid of culture, beauty, liberty, progress, peace, and stability—in short, of all the goods that Western peoples once took for granted.

For the Palestinians and the Israelis, the threat of extinction is ever present: their political experience is defined by suffering, displacement, and victimization. Politics, for them, is very, very real. This hasn’t been the case in the West for some time, but the cost of its complacency will soon be felt. Will Westerners finally  have the stomach to draw a line in the sand and say, “No more”?

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