What is History? Part 34

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Never trust a man who reads only one book. —Arturo Perez-Reverte

. . . the monarchy had become an insatiable machine for devouring taxes, while a drained populace received nothing in exchange but the political blunders and the disasters of war. —Perez-Reverte

In a sense the American Civil War is a belated chapter of the German revolution of 1848. —Heinrich H. Maurer

It is generally recognised today that Lincoln could never have carried the Northwest in 1860, and with it the country, without German support. —Andreas Dorpalen

I did only what my duty demanded. I could have taken no other course without dishonour. And if it all were to be done over again, I should act in precisely the same manner. —R.E. Lee

Peace is but a cessation of hostilities in a war that is never ending. —Thucyidides

More affectation and hypocrisy are necessary for the trade of literature and especially the newspapers than for brothel keepers. —J.S. Mill

Surely man can have no better claims to sympathy than bravery, good looks, and misfortune. —Thackeray

A wrong that was a wrong yesterday must be a wrong tomorrow. —Thackeray

You can’t build up a reputation on what you are going to do. —Henry Ford (who obviously did not anticipate Obama)

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