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Death of a Nation


Every living nation needs symbols. They tell us who we are as one people, in what we believe, and on what basis we organize our common life.

This fact seems to be very clear to the current leadership in Russia,


Waiting for John Brown


Letter from Pergamum-on-the-Potomac

Just imagine if a deranged Tea Party activist known to rant on social media against Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had gunned down a bunch of Democrats. Would Republican officials get away with saccharine expressions of “this


Lewd for Thought


In view of the ongoing partisan MSM feeding frenzy over Donald Trump’s hot microphone comments about women, the question is raised over what constitutes impermissibly lewd thoughts, words, and actions. The following is a helpful guide:

1. LEWD. This means


Running the Big Khan in Philly

If patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels, Scoundrel Time to the nth degree was on full display in Philadelphia last week. The closing days of the Democratic Convention featured an orgy of frenzied flag-waving (never mind the minimal presence


Groundhog Day on the Promenade des Anglais

We’ve watched this movie before. We will soon watch it again.

Running from Islamic terrorist attack in Nice (image via Telegraph video screengrab)

In mere minutes following the latest jihad attack in Nice—assuming another hasn’t occurred before this appears in print—the script had already written itself.

Shockingly, it seems the perpetrator is—again!—a


Swan Song From Our Second Worst President

President Obama’s final State of the Union address was long on themes and short on specifics. It clearly was an attempt to secure a legacy of accomplishment. That attempt is at best questionable. 

It is important to divide Obama’s record